A lifetime of passion

for the world of travel.




It was in the year 1984 that Roberta Sillingardi began her career as an airport assistant on behalf of the leading Tour Operators of the moment. There were few tourism operators at the time and assistance to passengers was practically non-existent.

In 1990 Roberta and Giorgio Chiarini had gained some relevant work experience in Italy which was the host country for the 1990 world cup and they understood that there could be an opening for a new type of company providing services to both tour operators and their customers, thus they founded Aliservice Snc, thereby becoming entrepreneurs in an untapped market.

Thanks to their insight, they were the first company to introduce a particular customer services in the world of tourism and one of the first clients to commit to Aliservice was Costa Crociere.



The brand Aliservice Group was founded and in 1998 the company acquired the A/B category license and the travel agency Moving People was born with Roberta as their technical director. 1990 is a successful year: in fact, the growing business leads to new collaborations with other companies that offer complementary solutions for travellers.

The following years marked a development of the services provided and consequently the growth in the number of customers managed by the company. Thus, in 2005 the firstborn of the Chiarini family, Federico, also joined the family business, bringing with him new ideas, projects and innovation.



It is the year 2010 when the company obtains the ENAC, the Italian Civil Aviation Authority certification, allowing them to provide ground services for airline companies.
Between 2014 and 2015 the Aliservice Group expands with new affiliations : Piedefranco, is a brand affiliate specializing in niche food and wine experiences and HouseHold Milano, is a guest house in the centre of Milan, a few steps away from the main Railway station, Stazione Centrale.

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